Is vape harmful to our bodies? Read this to know

Vape is considered to be less dangerous than ordinary cigarettes. Also, Indonesia has recently seen the trend of e-cigarettes. He said that the use of vape aims to reduce the use of tobacco and cigarettes and even make smokers quit. Some people say that vape is safer than tobacco cigarettes.

As a result, many people turn to e-cigarettes because they believe they can avoid the risk of heart disease and cancer from using tobacco cigarettes. However, compared with tobacco cigarettes, is the risk of vape correct? In this article, we will try to explain common types of vape, and

What is a vape?

A vaporizer or electric cigarette is an electronic nicotine conductor. This type of cigarette is designed to help tobacco smokers start to quit smoking. By switching from tobacco cigarettes to electric cigarettes, they slowly learn to quit smoking.

These types of cigarettes have various shapes and sizes, but there are three main components in an electric cigarette, namely the battery, the heating element, and the tube containing the liquid (box). The liquid in the tube contains CBD for medical use nicotine, propylene glycol or glycerin, and flavor enhancers such as fruit and chocolate flavors. Some e-cigarettes have batteries and cartridges that can be refilled.

Electric cigarettes heat the liquid in the tube to produce steam, such as smoke, which usually contains various chemical substances. The user inhales these chemicals directly from the mouthpiece.

What is contained in a vape?

In electric cigarettes, the liquid contains propylene glycol or glycerin, nicotine, and flavor enhancers. Propylene glycol or glycerin serves to generate water vapor. Studies have shown that inhaling propylene glycol can cause respiratory irritation in some people. It is found that the concentration of nicotine is different, which is 0-100 mg/ml in an electronic cigarette. Flavor enhancers, such as chocolate, vanilla, fruit, etc., enable electric smokers to enjoy a certain taste in each puff.

Common types of vape cigarettes

There are many types of vape cigarettes. You can find e-cigarettes in various shapes and sizes. Here are the types of electric cigarettes you should know.

1. Pen type

As the name suggests, this e-cigarette is shaped like a pen and is the smallest vape compared to other vape types. This type of vape is the same as the other types, namely by heating the vape liquid to generate steam. Two types of heating elements can be selected to heat pen-type vape liquid, namely.

Atomization. This is a heating element for heating vape liquids containing nicotine. If the heat generated reduces the quality, the atomizer must usually be replaced. The reason is that it makes the vape taste so bad. Near the atomizer, there is a tank as a heating place.

Atomizer. This is a combination of ink cartridge and atomizer. In this arrangement, the heated component is in direct contact with the heating element.

To heat the heating element, the evaporator pen needs a battery as energy. These batteries can be charged, usually with a voltage.

2. Portable

This type of evaporator is larger than a pen evaporator. Even so, the portable vaporizer can still be put in a pocket. Not much different from the evaporator pen, this type of evaporator also has a heating element and battery assembly.

But on a portable evaporator, the vape liquid does not come into direct contact with the heating element, resulting in a better taste and less smoke. Although the battery life of a portable evaporator is usually very long, it can last for 2-3 hours or more.

3. Desktop type

Among the evaporator types mentioned above, desktop evaporator is the largest. Yes, this electric cigarette is so big that it cannot be carried around. You can only use it at home or in one place. Also, the desktop evaporator requires a flat surface to place it and requires a continuous energy supply to work properly.

Now, because it obtains a stable energy supply, this makes the desktop evaporator produce more maximum heat, clearer taste, and more steam than other types of evaporators.

Is it better than tobacco cigarettes?

The biggest danger of tobacco cigarettes is smoke, and electric cigarettes do not burn tobacco, so they do not produce smoke but water vapor. Studies have shown that the content of harmful chemicals in electronic cigarettes is only a small part of the content of tobacco cigarettes. But the content of this hazardous substance may vary.

The study found that the endothelial cells of the heart arteries showed a significant stress response when exposed to tobacco smoke, rather than e-cigarettes. This shows that e-cigarettes are less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes. However, this matter needs further investigation. Experts are still debating whether e-cigarettes are better or worse than tobacco. Electric cigarettes also contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance that is also present in tobacco cigarettes. When you stop using it, you will feel that you are always using it again, and it will cause feelings of irritability, depression, anxiety, and anxiety. This is dangerous for people with heart disease.

Natalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works in the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. She is a recreational marijuana supporter and her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis. She grows her

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